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Daily Iraqi Cheese Grader (Addendum Edition)
About Me
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Ah . . . this page seems silly to me . . . so . . . let's just say I'm 5' 11", blue eyes, like long walks on the beach in Hawai'i, and British poetry from World War I.  I used to say that I liked French poetry, but then a friend put me in the hot seat and I had to admit that I like British poetry a tad bit more. I also wouldn't mind finding a ghost writer to help me organize my notes from Iraq. I am way too busy to organize them. 

I love to dance!

What a job!

Hard to believe, but the government actually sent me to Iraq.  It may seem funny, but they sent me to a war zone even though I really don't like guns.  Still, I guess they like the way I dance.  I know how to bring the club down with my cool "style."  If I get some spare time, perhaps I'm open my own little club inside the International Zone.


Favorite music: Pearl Jam and Sloan.
Favorite State: duh . . . Hawai'i.
Favorite Socks: Fruit of the Loom Sport Tube Socks.

Favorite Drug Store: CVS.
Favorite Poet: William Blake.
Favorite Superhero: The Maxx.
Favorite Teletubby: The purple one.
Favorite Movies: Barton Fink, Mindwalk, and A Thin Red Line.
Favorite Bar:  The first one I found once I got out of Iraq.
Favorite Joke:  The one with that ends with the punch line . . . "This guy right here."
Favorite Dream:  I'm not giving away all my secrets on this webpage.

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." T.S. Eliot